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Illinois Firefighter Life Safety Task Force

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Courage to be Safe

Firefighters must have the courage to face a multitude of risks in order to save lives and protect their communities. A different type of courage is required to stay safe in potentially dangerous situations, avoiding needless risks and tragic consequence. [Read More]

Chief's Corner

Chiefs sharing their thoughts on firefighter safety, what programs they have implemented, and the challenges their departments have addressed and overcome. [Read More]

Firefighter's Corner

Brothers and Sisters in the fire service talk about the safety issues they face on the job, how they have implemented strategies to addresses them, and their successes and failures. [Read More]

Seatbelt Safety Pledge

Any fire department able to achieve 100% of their firefighters taking the pledge will get their fire department’s name and their leadership’s name on the National Seat Belt Pledge campaign web page. [Read More]

16 Life Safety Initiatives

Define and advocate the need for a cultural change within the fire service relating to safety; incorporating leadership, management, supervision, accountability and personal responsibility. [Read More]

The Illinois Firefighter Life Safety Task Force (IFLSTF) exists for the improvement of firefighter life safety that results in the decrease of line-of-duty related injuries and deaths.


The primary means to accomplish this is the advancement of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation's (NFFF) 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives (FLSI), which were developed at a 2004 Firefighter Life Safety Summit.  The Summit, which was hosted by the NFFF, in conjunction with the United States Fire Administration, was an important first step in a major campaign to help reduce firefighter line-of-duty deaths by 25% in 5 years and 50% in 10 years.


As an affiliate of the Illinois Fire Services Association, IFLSTF has determined that advancement of the FSLI needs to begin with awareness.  Thus, the IFLSTF strives to provide departments with concrete ways to ingrain the FLSI into the fabric of their organization by providing relevant resources, social media connections, and Courage-To-Be-Safe training.


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It’s More Than Just Seatbelts

Our Influence

on May - 8 - 2012 0 Comment

OUR INFLUENCE: Every day we have an opportunity to influence those around us. Some days, even if unintentional, the impact of our posture could be negative. Always must we stay vigilant and maintain good attitudes. “Good?” you may be asking yourself. We need to be honest; we are not our best every single day. Although we may strive to, life is dynamic which could keep us from having our best day  [ Read More ]

The Task Force is working on developing some training dates for Illinois in 2012, but no dates have been confirmed as of yet.  Once the locations and dates are determined we will post the information on the site as well as email the instructors direct. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Fit for the Fight

on March - 29 - 2012 0 Comment
More tools of the trade

Looking at annual Line of Duty Death statistics, anyone can easily see that cardiac arrest is a Firefighters foe. In fact, heart attack is at least 50% of the reason why we lose so many brothers and sisters each year. We can all agree that improving our health, getting annual medical physicals and exercising are the right things to do. However, I have two questions. First how many of us  [ Read More ]


on March - 22 - 2012 1 Comment

Do you sometimes feel you have “too many balls in the air?” Work, family, friends, school, both as an Instructor and student, and all the other parts of life that add up. Being in public service is a great and noble profession; however, it can add extra stress to life. The intent of Life Safety Initiative #13 is to ensure both fire service members and those in their lives have  [ Read More ]


Fire Chief Ed St.Louis of Bourbonnais FPD recently presented seatbelt certificates to MABAS 7 Fire Academy, Aroma FPD and Limestone FPD. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet


  National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Chicago Fire Department Release New Everyone Goes Home® Video In an effort to make personal safety a top priority, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) and the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) today released a new video, Chicago Fire Department – Everyone Goes Home®. Members of the CFD and families of fallen firefighters share their stories in this compelling and moving testimonial of the importance  [ Read More ]

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